This is a school like no others, we promise you will learn Italian in the most natural way and you will have fun at the same time! The best and fastest way to learn any language is by practice.

With us you can immerse yourself in a real Italian community, we’ll teach you the basic of the Italian language with our morning classes and you will have the opportunity to go out there and put into practice what you have learned every day. In addition, if you choose to join our extra curriculum activities you can really experience the Italian culture, meet the locals, in short, live like a local yourself.

Our morning classes are run in a very informal yet professional way, even the venue will not always be in a standard classroom. You will be able to put into practice what you learn on the spot, for example, if we are talking about coffee, we’ll take you in a real Italian cafè where you will order your own espresso to a real Italian barista.

The classes are small, with a maximum of 12 people so we can make sure you ‘ll have all the attention you need, we also believe that a small group works better in terms of involvement for all the students. The lessons are designed to develop speaking, listening and writing skills as well as grammar awareness in a very friendly environment so you will learn Italian while having fun. The aim of our school is to give you not only Italian language skills but as well a full understanding of the Italian culture. For this reason, we focus on the real-life situation and social subjects. Our teaching materials are made personally by the teacher and consists of newspapers, movies, books, songs etc. and are of course free of charge. To ensure the most authentic and full immersion experience we encourage you to join the extracurricular activities in order to better practice your newly-learned Italian skills.


  • Italian Language course for beginners

  • Conversation Italian classes

If you have just arrived in Bologna, on the Sunday morning before your school starts we offer you a welcome coffee, this is for us to meet and make sure you know all you need about the school but also to give you some tips about Bologna.

In case you are already in town and like to know more about our school we offer you the opportunity to join one of our classes free of charge. Please contact us for more details.

Minimum course-length > one week

Classes start every Monday so you can decide to join whenever suits you better. Lessons run from 9 am to 12.30 pm from Monday to Friday. Our school uses different venues, according to the nature of the daily lesson it can be in a classroom, as well as in a local cafè or a park, or a private house. However, they will always take place in Bologna downtown. All the teaching materials are included.

Our conversation classes are only for intermediate or advanced students. If you choose this option you can decide the length as well as the topic of the lesson. They usually run in the afternoon but we can arrange a different time as well. For more info please contact us.

Price per hour

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