Assuming that the easiest and fastest way to learn is by practice and that part of learning a language is also living and enjoying the culture, our association offers atypical courses aiming to connect the acquisition of the basics of the Italian language with the immersion in the real social and cultural experiences of the Bolognese community.

Our teachers are passionate true locals, living in Bologna for many years and having specific certified competencies for teaching Italian to foreign people. The classrooms are small, involving a maximum of 12 participants from all over the world and from different age groups to guarantee involvement, active participation and a particular attention to the student’s needs or topics of interests. Our golden rule, indeed, is that the teacher is the supervisor, but the students are the real protagonists.

Our classes are mainly focused on spoken communication, which will allow you to learn Italian in a natural way and, starting from the very first lesson, you will begin to speak and feel like a local. The classes are structured for the development of the formal acquisition of the language (vocabulary, grammar, listening and writing skills) as well as of a full understanding of the Italian and Bolognese culture. We will focus on different aspects linked to the three nicknames identifying Bologna: the university and cultural activities (“la Dotta” or the learned), the very distinctive features of the Medieval-storybook architecture of the city like towers, porticos, city walls and the reddish tones of the building facades (“La Rossa” or the red) and, of course, the extraordinary culinary tradition of the region (“La Grassa” or the fat).

The teaching material is created ad hoc by the teacher and is based on authentic resources (newspapers, books, movies, song, menus, fliers…) with the aim of allowing the development of basic communication skills and vocabulary connected to specific real-life situations and social interactions.
Believing that a fun and full-immersive experience would be the best way for a significant Italian language acquisition, the lessons will not only take place in the classroom but also in different locations downtown (cafés, restaurant, train station, parks, private houses…) and you will have the opportunity to go out there and put into practice what you have formerly learned on the spot, meeting local people and living like a local yourself. To provide just some examples, you will be able to order in cafés, restaurants or ice-cream parlors, to ask for directions, to understand road signs, to book a train or a hotel, to introduce yourself and to handle the famous Italian gesturing. For the same reason Like Locals in Italy offers a lot of extracurricular activities and tours to better practice your newly-learned Italian skills. A final scavenger hunt (with clues written in Italian, of course) will guide you towards the most popular locations of Bologna and, last but not least toward…a delicious prize!

So, what you are waiting for?! Let’s join us and Speak Like a Local!

Classes run from 10 am to 1 pm from Monday to Thursday and the minimum course-length is one week. The course starts every Monday so you can decide to join us whenever it suits you better; all the teaching materials are included. According to specific needs, the schedules and the timing of classes could be arranged with the teachers. Please contact us for more details.

Our conversation classes are only for intermediate or advanced students. If you choose this option you can decide the length as well as the topic of the lesson. They usually run in the afternoon but we can arrange a different time as well. For more info please contact us.

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