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Merry Local Christmas! Ideas and tips from three craft stores in Bologna

Since e-commerce has become such a relevant part of our shopping life and we can choose our Christmas gifts while comfortably lying on the sofa, why should we go out in the cold, face the traffic and walk from shop to shop to find the perfect inspiration?

And yet we are convinced that it is still worth. Especially if the gift comes from a craft store in Bologna: not only to plunge into the Christmas atmosphere with its sparkling lights, colors and music,  but also because choosing a handmade item is to choose something unique, made with creativity, knowledge and care; a gift from the heart!

We have visited for you three amazing craft stores in Bologna, where capable hands produce every day small wonders, and we are happy to share with you some suggestions for truly special Christmas gifts:

1. Arti Jungle
via Monte Grappa 10 / A

This small shop, pervaded with delicate lavender, is located in the very centre of Bologna. Here Marcella and Patrizia have created a real store –atelier. Marcella makes incredibly original ceramics: she has created two amusing characters, Melania & Gino, that are reproduced on cups, vases, bowls, thus making each piece funny and with a refined beautiful design.
Patrizia produces lovely gold leaf jewels: each one is a piece of art, with lively colors, particular shapes and motifs…all of them coming from Patrizia’s inspiration…we fell in love with the fish – earrings!


2. Risalto
via Rialto 13

Eight young female artists run this very creative workshop, overflowing with colors and ideas! The ladies from Risalto, a bolognese craft store nestled between via Rialto and via Castellata, propose tons of piece, many of them made with recycled or recovered materials: from old socks they obtain adorable peluches, from photographic films they realise bags and pouches, from tubes of toothpaste pencil cases, battered old books become origami to hang…Risalto is much more than this, a microcosm impossible to describe, you should go and see it with your eyes 😉

3. Banco Artigiano delle Arti e dei Mestieri
Via Collegio di Spagna 2

When you walk into the Banco Artigiano craft store in Bologna, you’ll immediately feel at home: surrounded by beautiful things and romantic hues, and warmly welcomed by the ladies who run the shop. They will take the time to tell you the story of each item and of the important project behind: Banco Artigiano is, first of all, a social cooperative that aims to build and give a job opportunity to people with mental disability, who make with their own hands all the products in the shop, even the packaging. Here you can find gifts for every budget and taste: from vegan candles to printed tablecloths, jewellery, fabric door stops and much more…for a sustainable and very local Christmas!

We hope we have given you some useful and interesting tips about what to buy in Bologna and where to go if you’d like to purchase beautiful original gifts…now it’s your turn! ☺

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