Hospitality is not enough, a warm reception is needed. Like Locals in Italy changes look, but not the mission.

Moving from one place to another is something common for someone who travels, but doing it with a sense of humanity, feeling part of a community, and encourage respect for the culture is an added value, unique and priceless.

Our group is composed of atypical travelers, each one with his/her own peculiarity, each one a little out of the ordinary. This combines a passion for the authentic, the living, and the human: all of this which we find in the local reality, the hospitality of the people, and the curiosity towards their way of living, and the search to keep it alive thanks to sharing.

We are professionals and local citizens that have found and associated with a common objective. We are tour guides, partners, environmental guides, and citizens who want to give value to the history, the culture, and the way of life of a community: not only for the intrinsic value on its own, but to preserve it, protect it, and most importantly make it be known. We are found in a world made up of travelers with new needs, free to reach every angle of the Earth, but frequently faced with the risk of not interacting with local culture, for lack of a middle-person who lives this daily life. Hospitality on its own is not enough, a warm welcome is also needed.
This is why we at Like Locals in Italy have associated our logo with the suitcase, a symbol of travel, to the idea of feeling at home and learning about a place and its people in their most authentic guise: that of the people who live that daily life every day.

We want to unite professionalism and reception, creating a meeting point between those who arrive and those who host. For this we move the interests from the city person to the outskirts of the city, which have paradoxically become the true cornerstone of activity that is least frequented by today’s tourist circuits.
Ours is a network that expands in which new ideas bloom from the recommendations that are given from the locals. Our team grows with enthusiasm and belief that the trends of mass tourism can change for a more prudent view, which respects and protects local life.

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