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Hospitality is not enough, a warm reception is needed. Like Locals in Italy changes look, but not the mission.

Moving from one place to another is something common for someone who travels, but doing it with a sense of humanity, feeling part of a community, and encourage respect for the culture is an added value, unique and priceless. Our group is composed of atypical travelers, each one with his/her own peculiarity, each one a little out of the ordinary.

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Why Learning Italian Language in Bologna?

Bologna, as the regional capital of Emilia-Romagna, the home to the oldest university of Europe (founded in 1088) and a thriving engineering and food industry, is a wealthy, lively and intellectually stimulating city, configurating as a perfect place to study and learn Italian language in Italy. Bologna offers all the elements marking out the international conceptualisations of Italian cities (namely

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Why is a new sustainable – responsible tourism model necessary?

responsible tourism bologna

For a long time, it has been a common belief that responsible tourism, seen as an immersive travel experience that aims to foster local communities, had revolutionized the way of travelling. Who wouldn’t love to visit a place attractions and at the same time live a unique experience that can convey a feeling of “authenticity”? Local tourism has enormously developed

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Merry Local Christmas! Ideas and tips from three craft stores in Bologna

ideas from craft stores in bologna

Since e-commerce has become such a relevant part of our shopping life and we can choose our Christmas gifts while comfortably lying on the sofa, why should we go out in the cold, face the traffic and walk from shop to shop to find the perfect inspiration? And yet we are convinced that it is still worth. Especially if the

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Let’s celebrate!

  Exactly  one year ago,  Like Locals in Italy website was  on-line. At that time, we were still  very  busy  testing our  name, sharing with our friends and partners our idea, finetuning the logo, our mission, our sustainable tourism vision,  writing and correcting content and experiences for our website. The  tension was intense and times were  exciting. We  were creating, revising and planning… And finally celebrating with prosecco! We made it! There we were! And now we have one year of life behind us. It reminds  me of  Abraham  Lincoln’s   saying:  “In  the end, it  is not  the years  that  count.   It’s the life in your  years.”  We could not agree more. The journey

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Last minute tips for your Christmas shopping in Bologna

dynamo market bologna

Less than 2 weeks left before Christmas. Do you already feel the gift-giving performance anxiety? You have just realized you forgot about uncle and aunt, have you? Do not worry, here are some places in Bologna where you can find a few ideas for any budgets. We will not dwell on traditional shopping; your geolocation would do it better than

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Black Friday or the shopping in Italy

shopping like local in bologna

Today, November 24, 2017, is not a usual Friday like many others: in this fateful day we celebrate theso-called Black Fridaywhich traditionally ushers the Christmas shopping season. During this event in the States, like in many other industrialized countries, such as France, Germany and the UK, hundreds, if not even thousands of people, are going to stormmalls, boutiques, but also

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