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Black Friday or the shopping in Italy

Today, November 24, 2017, is not a usual Friday like many others: in this fateful day we celebrate theso-called Black Fridaywhich traditionally ushers the Christmas shopping season.

During this event in the States, like in many other industrialized countries, such as France, Germany and the UK, hundreds, if not even thousands of people, are going to stormmalls, boutiques, but also small independent storeswhich enliven the streets of our cities for the purpose ofgrabbing the best promotions ranging from fashion to beauty, from technology to travel.

Recent history reports, in the past events,about people spending the whole night frosting, out of the store of their dreams, waiting for the opening the following day, in order to hoard that object orthe so much desired garment.

A few fashion designers, home designer and technology providers have decided to join the Black Friday in Bologna as well. This is a new trend, rather junior though, that chasesour overseas cousins, but like Halloween, from our point of view, is struggling to take place. The reason is probably our different historical-social context that rewards local traditions and the trusted relationship between traders and consumers.

Fortunately, modern evils, first and foremost stress and frustration, haven’tjeopardized the desire to approach with small local realities, often dealing with manual labor, yet. in Bologna, to make an example, between Piazzetta Marco Biagi and Via Valdonica, or the alleys next to the ancient Jewish ghetto, but also in other places of the city, we can find the historic artisan shops ready to receive every day potential customers or just curious whom reveal old techniques of processing to.

The intention of Like Locals in Italy, and therefore our intent, is to collect all the secrets of the ancient merchants who daily work in their shops orhighlight small local independent companies to make them accessible heritage to both Italians and foreigners whose aimis to dive with us in the beauty of the city, perhaps taking part in one of the tours made available by the association.

To each his own choice! From our side, we prefer talking about Black Friday positive effectsin the global economy even on Monday or maybe Tuesdays or also Wednesdays, but we hope, above everything else, thatresponsible choices take precedence in people mind.


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