live like locals in Bologna

About Us

“There are two types of men in this world: those who stay home, and those who do not.”  – Rudyard Kipling

Why do we travel?

The idea of the cultural association Like Locals in Italy was developed from the concept of sustainable tourism in 2016. The purpose it’s the empowerment of tourism which combines the deep knowledge of the local territory, history, culture and habits with the needs of tourists and residents. The method chosen by Like Locals in Italy will prevent the development of thoughtless mass tourism which would endanger the identity of Italian cities.

To develop productive and reciprocal cooperation between visitors and local actors is the mission of the association which, by empowering the native commercial activities and by guaranteeing expertise and competence to tourists and curious, hopes to strengthen the process of promotion and development of the territory.

The tours organized by Like Locals in Italy are completely different from the traditional artistic and architectural itineraries; instead, the staff of the association works in order to offer an extraordinary and new “like locals” experiences to the participants. This also helps to support the local market, by empowering the efficient local activities (without resorting to standardized offers).

In 2018 the association’s activities involved almost a hundred of natives member; part of the associates are touristic guides, tour leader and professionals who share their knowledge and skills in order to plan the perfect Italian experience for you!


First of all, because we, the locals, are awesome but if this is not enough for you what about its rich history, culture and culinary delights? You may have heard some of her nicknames, like“La Rossa” (the “Red One”), because of the rust-colored medieval buildings. Bologna was founded by the Etruscan and late on became a Roman Province.

During middle-age Bologna experienced a period of great prosperity, becoming an important commercial and cultural center, in the XIII century the city had expanded so to be the fifth most populated city in all Europe and was the most developed textile industry area in Italy. Its numerous canals made the most advanced waterway system in Europe providing energy for its industry and an efficient means of transport of goods.

Nowadays, Bologna is an important cultural and commercial center and thanks to its strategic location, Bologna Centrale, the railway station is the most important train hubs in Italy, easily reachable from all over thanks to the very modern fast train system. The international airport, Guglielmo Marconi, connects Bologna to the main national and international destinations.

Bologna is also known as “La Grassa”, literally translate as “The Fat One”.
Tortellini, tagliatelle, lasagne , mortadella and many more culinary excellences had made Bologna known around the world. But all of these delicacies taste even more delicious thanks to the friendliness and great sense of hospitality of its inhabitants. The passion and proud we have for our city make it the perfect place for visitors that like to learn about our culture and traditions while making new international friends.
Indeed Bologna, while away from the beaten tracks and unspoiled by the mass tourism is yet a very vibrant, cosmopolitan city. Its university, the oldest one in the western world, attracts young people from all over the world, making Bologna an exciting melting pot. The university since its opening in 1088 has been attended by many great students like Dante and Petrarca to mention few and has gained another nickname to Bologna, “La Dotta” which means “The Savant”. Nowadays 80.000 students attend the university making Bologna a very bustling city.
What’s more, if you have a passion for motors, in Bologna you can visit the museums of Lamborghini and Ducati, and Modena with the mythical Ferrari is less than half an hour away.