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Aperitivo, sights & hiking tour - brilliant

5.0 rating
24 June 2019

We were enjoying aperitivo with Sonia.. later dining on ragu with the locals. The next day at 9am Gabriele showed us the sights. Such a wonderful couple of hours cruising the city & going a bit off the beaten track.. his restaurant & shopping tips for the rest of our trip were spot on too. That afternoon we ventured into the hills of Bologna with Enrica, taking a route through the lush gardens of Villa Spada we would never have seen without her & down through the porticos.


A fantastic experience to have in Bologna

5.0 rating
19 November 2018

My friend and I recently spent 10 days in Bologna. Neither of us had been there before so we decided to take advantage of some guided tour activities, which we hardly ever do while in Italy. The first was a cooking class that included a guide, a shopping trip through the market and the class at a local woman’s home. It was so much fun to learn about the traditional foods we were making as well as making them. We had so many laughs along the way. We sat at the dining table and enjoyed our meal as friends. I am looking forward to making this meal for my family. Our second activity was planned for the very next day. A drive to the area of Modena to experience the process of making parmiagiana cheese and balsamic vinegar. I would recommend this organization, Like Locals in Italy, as a great way to experience Bologna.


Wonderful memories of Like Locals in Bologna!

5.0 rating
29 October 2018

My friend and I, two women over fifty, enjoyed two activities with Like Locals in Bologna, both organized by a charming and knowledgeable leader named Maddalena. The first was a cooking class in the home of Marisa and her two daughters. We made tortelloni, mortadella mousse, and a dessert like tiramisù- all delicious. We drank the traditional wine of Bologna – Pignoletta – laughed and learned the techniques of an Italian kitchen. We ate together in Marisa’s beautiful home where we felt welcome and like part of the family. I am not usually interested in tour type activities, but I couldn’t have been happier with these choices. We left with an understanding of the region and the Bolognese people that would have been impossible without Like Locals. I highly recommend this organization and the memories I have through their efforts.


Highlight of our stay in Bologna

5.0 rating
20 September 2018

My Girlfriend and I went for the Cook like Locals experience with Maria and Anna and it was a delightful experience throughout. It felt more like a visit to a friends place and we felt so comfortable and had a lot of fun learning more about bologna, the food and the culture. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves while shopping for ingredients and preparing the dishes, learning a lot through the process. Maria and Anna were wonderful hosts and made our trip in bologna an enjoyable and unforgettable one. Looking forward to seeing them again.

Shaun C

Get to know Bologna through food and conversation

5.0 rating
16 July 2018

Maria and Maddalena were amazing hosts for a one of a kind experience! I come from an Italian background and I learned so much about food and how it’s prepared with them. My husband and I spent the first night of our honeymoon making authentic Bolognese dishes and drinking authentic Bolognese wine. No better way to learn about a place than break bread with the locals and become fast friends.

Jeanette C

Excellent tours!

5.0 rating
7 June 2018

I had a fantastic experience on both the walk like locals & drink like locals tours- both of which I highly recommend! Gabriele was an excellent tour guide & I felt really spoilt as I had it all- history of the city, local experiences, visiting places I would never have found on my own, good company & many laughs! I ate so much good food on both- the stunning walk ended in a delightful picnic & I enjoyed some delicious appertivi on the drink like locals. Would definitely recommend these tours if you want some local experiences with passionate, warm & friendly guides! I will be signing up for more on my next trip to Bologna


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