shopping like local in bologna



Choose a different shopping experience with us. Walk around downtown Bologna to discover secret boutiques. Meet young, independent and out of ordinary designers. Take back home with you the Italian style for a sensational look!

No one can deny it, we Italians do know about fashion. Being stylish come naturally to us as breathing! Do you like to know how we do it? Come with us on this Bologna fashion tour and we’ll show you our secrets. We will walk around Bologna to discover small boutiques, unique shops, meet young designers, learn about different fabrics and handcrafts products from clothing to shoes to accessories. Your unique outfit made in Italy guaranteed.

Let the Italian excellence to inspire you!

Visit of 4 different shops

A local fashion lover

Approx. 3 hours

Neptune Square in front of The Fountain of Neptune

4.00 pm

€ 30.00

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